Monday, December 5, 2011

Breaking Dawn Or Breaking DULL...

Hello my fellow Twihards... Yes Im back again from a very long absense and Im truly sorry for that. I really want to make this BLOG HUGE, supporting all our mature aged twihards and those younger than us with the latest news, grooves and Twilight oooooohss'...

Sadly I missed opening night of Breaking Dawn as yet again my poor little CF'r (Name given to a child/Adult whom has the Disease known as Cystic Fibrosis) anyways so I kinda watched it in the not so cinematic way... Thru a site called which is pretty awesome, it has all the latest movie releases and TV shows you may have missed.....

I have to admit It took me some time to really get into it, unlike the book which i'm reading AGAIN, but this is the first time from the Hard copy. I first read it thru PDF online. I found the beginning Dull, dull, dull. Yes it may be breaking the box offices all round the world, though Im certain its more the anticipation rather than great reviews.

I feel that Breaking Dawn should NOT have been put into a TWO PART as per Harry Potter as there wasn't enough Dialogue to keep us interested. Without a doubt the most amazing book of the series, sadly not given its full potential with The first Part. I feel the Sex scenes weren't as alluring as per the book and considering the chemistry between the Two leading Actors now know as "Robsten" Robert Patterson & Kirsten Stewart that scene could've taken us to a entire new level as Stephanie Myer did within the novel.

I am looking forward to watching it in it's full glory (not a shitty amature filming of a cinema) but I still don't feel I'll be as hypnotised as I have been in the 3 predecessors.. Much to my sadness. Will Breaking Dawn part 2 be far more enthrawling and heart wrenching as the previous three or will it also be a shit way to end what has been a amazing Ride on the Twilight train?

Will Stephanie Myer finally get back on her laptop and finish what she started with Midnight Sun, or will we ever experience the relationship between Renee-Esme and Jacob? Will we get to enjoy a Vampire Bella & Edward sex-fest? Only time will tell, but I do know this, No twihard is ready for the Saga to end, I know Im bloody not.....

Stay Tuned to more Twihard Saga Saga's....

Your very own twihard

Kye xxxx

Friday, January 22, 2010


Sorry for my delayed absense but with a sick child your life tends to be all over the shop.
Now after trying to catch up on some goss the latest I have grabbed is "ROBE SET TO LEAVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA TO BECOME THE NEW SPIDERMAN" God help him if he does he cant be replaced now its the last one his fans, Edward fans will go tits up.... I know personally Im bursting to see Breaking Dawn and Eclipse as theyre my fav two books of the series. Yes the sex scene has alot to do with well as the older reading content and more mature storyline, pregnancy sex etc.
What will we do if he walks?
Post your comments now!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Ok whilst watching the Vampire Diaries on Sydney's newest Channel GO for digital Television....You'll never guess...Yes its true the NEW MOON TRAILER was aired for the very first time(that I am aware of) during the first ad break and I tell you My heart is racing my body shivering and Im excited.
The finale RPatz saying in his stunning voice "THE WAIT IS OVER"...

AWE MY F***N GOD!!!!


Ok whilst watching the Vampire Diaries on Sydney's newest Channel GO for digital Television....You'll never guess...Yes its true the NEW MOON TRAILER was aired for the very first time(that I am aware of) during the first ad break and I tell you My heart is racing my body shivering and Im excited.
The finale RPatz saying in his stunning voice "THE WAIT IS OVER"...

AWE MY F***N GOD!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Im too tired....

Just a quick note....Im real run down hence my lack of blogging....I havent even done any reading...I know ive layed curled up in a ball watching episode after episode of the L word...then I got to season three disc one...the disc wouldnt play my series 3 was used as frisbee's by my lilun.....So here I am 3am, not sleeping, saddened and run down..

Be back soon guys so soon you wont even realise I was gone

Till I bite Again
Twihard Kye

Friday, September 25, 2009

Movin on Up!

After serious thought I have decided to take this as far as I possibly can. As a long term player in second life I have partnered up for a twi-shop. To top it off Ive decided to make a website(free) for mature aged fans. With the help of Regina and ♥♥Renesmee Cullen ♥ ♥ Both I met on the Saga site Ive decided along with my goal that we have potential. I am able to make this something. So here we are seeking volunteers whom would like to be part of something different, have creative abilities and are team players.... Email me at
Lets make this a all age phenomenon.....
Love Twihard

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Its Time for the Latest In Twi-News....

Thanks to my new Friend the Twilight Examiner aswell as a few other routes here is the latest goss re: The Cast, Stephanie Meyer, The Set of Eclipse and Robsten of course.

I really wish the media would let these two be. let them find themselves, their relationship etc. its no wonder people are beginning to interpret them wrong. This weeks Australian famous have branded them moody, loners and more. Why because they have to fight for time alone, because whenever theyre seen with someone else its a affair, when theyre with castmates all the attentions on them who can blame them for being Moody...Id be pissed off too.
So heres the current news from Amanda bell-The twilight examiner.

This is FOR THE SERIOUS R.Patz fan this article is for you......

Talk about your straightforward media. The latest in oddball (or perhaps genius) Robert Pattinson gear is this two disc DVD box-set.

One blogger scooped the existence of this product from

The product description is as follows:

Robsessed is the ultimate double disc boxset, all-access guide to the world's biggest, hottest new star: Robert Pattinson.

Voted "Sexiest Man on the Planet 2009" by Heat magazine, R-Patz, as the press has affectionately named him, became an international heartthrob after starring as Edward Cullen in the chart-topping blockbuster, Twilight.

Now, Robsessed offers an exclusive, insider's look into the world of R-Patz, following his path from a young schoolboy, to his early modelling and acting jobs, all the way through to landing his dazzling role in the Twilight saga.

Disc two features one of Pattinson's best performances yet in The Haunted Airman. This stunning movie adventure rattles the nerves and take you on a journey of a lifetime. Also included in this incredible boxset is a free 2010 double-sided Robert Pattinson photo calendar!

So, is this something you'd buy?
On the Set of Eclipse...

A couple of updates from today's set on the set of "Eclipse" have been issued, and they have caused quite a stir in the fan community.

First of all, Jackson Rathbone suffered a bit of an injury on set. According to Entertainment Weekly, he "was slightly hurt during a fight-scene rehearsal" for Eclipse. As of now, though, "'He's fine and is back at work,' a spokesperson for Summit said."

The news came down early in the day that Rathbone was injured, and co-star Ashley Greene a new edition to the Twilight Twitterverse) tweeted, "Just got off set.... Jackson seems like he's ok thank God.... can't believe he came to work today! He's a trooper."

Meanwhile, Rathbone's co-stars Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart and Billy Burke (aka Edward, Bella and Charlie) were all seen on-set doing scenes both in the parking lot and the re-vamped police station. Apparently, the police station was redesigned to replicate that which was seen in Twilight. We suspect they were rehearsing he scene of Edward and Bella on the front porch/entry to the Police Station."

The Host On Film..

Also word on the Street is Steph's book "The Host" is also set to make its big break in film..... Stay tuned....

For all the latest in UP-To-DATE Twilight Saga News head to

Twilight Examiner
Twilights Anonymous
Stephanie Meyer

Till I bite again
..Twi-hard Kye..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sorry of the lack of blog but the horrific dust storm hit us today...

Wow I woke to my white holden commodore a fluro desert red, It had covered my desk as Id left the window open as well as my kitchen floor and balcony... This is the first time in my entire life weve been subject to a storm of such degree the first in 70years...Sadly I can not allow my Cystic fibrosis suffering daughter to even go outside for a second as it could have disastrous effects Heres the full story.....

Sydneysiders are being warned that a huge dust cloud will continue to affect the city through the day, after they woke to an eerie red dawn this morning. The huge dust storm which has settled over the city and much of New South Wales was carried east overnight by gale-force winds of up to 100kph. This morning the weather bureau said the dust cloud was expected to hang around until late afternoon. Senior forecaster Barry Hanstrum says more high winds are on the way and could cause more damage.

"The winds won't drop off until later today and when they do we think that the dust haze will start to clear," he said.

"The weather system that generated the dust yesterday is associated with gale force winds and the area which is most likely to be affected today is the Wollongong-Greater Sydney region and the Hunter Valley-Newcastle area.

"The winds at times during the morning will average 65kph, which is gale force, with some stronger squally gusts up to about 90-100kph."

The dust reduced visibility across the city and large parts of the state, with callers to ABC Radio saying the scene looked like something from the end of the world.

The bureau has issued a severe weather warning for damaging winds in Sydney and other parts of NSW, with a gale warning issued for Sydney closed waters.

Environmental Health director Dr Wayne Smith says people in poor health, especially those with asthma and heart and lung disease should remain indoors.

He says children with health problems, as well as older adults and pregnant women, should also take precautions and people should avoid heavy exercise.

Anyone wanna see a sweaty Taylor? hmmmmm?

News from the Twlight Examiner Amanda Bell. picture shows a very sweaty Taylor with Gill and Kristen.

Decided to post some news on Eclipse. Feeling better today deleted my blog from last night Didnt feel it was very appropriate. Sorry for being such a sad sack... Life sucks sometimes but hey Ive a pic of a sweety JACOB!!!!!!

From the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Gil Birmingham issued an update and photograph of himself with co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, stating that they were "a very tired cast."

Birmingham had previously tweeted about the lengthy hours that were being kept on-set Eclipse, particularly with regard to his own scenes. Gil Birmingham had also discussed his excitement over filming the Quileute Legends storytelling scenes, involving Stewart, Lautner, and many other castmembers last week.

Till I bite again -Twihard Kye

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Facebook and Myspace Links....

Hi despite me havin a BAD DAY...... Here are my new links to Facebook and Myspace....even Twitter, though I forgot I had it and have no Idea how to find people etc...advice greatly accepted...
Here are the 2 I do Know...

(I will need to add you, please add message TWIHARD) and I will accept you, Thanks...

Same goes for MYSPACE
My Myspace-Kyebii
Same with my myspace...



Monday, September 21, 2009

Here are a few comments from Inspiring woman re: My Blog...This is the reason Im doing it.

The woman of the Mature-aged twilight Fanbase have me in awe, you all have me so inspired and craving to do more. I thought this was a super silly idea as there are so many TWISITES. I notice there wasnt many based solely for the OLDER FAN. We have up-to-date TWINEWS, Weve forums, fanart but Feelings, facts and fun in one yes we have it but I felt I wanted to do this even if Im a flop and really bad at it. I hope you guys are enjoying it and spread the word, the new MANTRA and MOTTO for my BLOG: ahh this isnt right....hehehehehehe
"OOps it was just on the tip of my tounge and I lost it blah I wish my hands worked as fast as my bloody brain does!"
Shit it's gone completly it was really catchy too now I feel like a twat. I could remove this comment however, I write and refuse to edit, I never alter and always believe what was originally meant to be is the first thing that comes out. So here we are. Told you I flop...hehehehehe

The forum I recieve my inspiring stories. Check out a full viwing here.
**Regina Michelle Ranier Sprague has sent you a message on The Twilight Saga

OMG! Your blog is amazing! You have put so much care and work and detail into it! You go girl! As for one of the most recent posts, about Rob and Kristen coming out with their relationship, I do hope that it works out, but I also wish the paparazzi would juswt let them be for a while. It's a new love and I"m so afraid that all the attention and no privacy will ruin what could potentially be one of the most classic holloywood love stories ever! What do you think? Ok, gotta get the kiddies into the shower and off to bed. Til we talk again! God Team Edward!!!!

**Crissy Murphy has replied to your discussion
HI..Im a 27 yrold mom of 3 and can totally releate! I'm also super happy that I'm not the odd person/fan out. I know the demographic for these stories and movies are teens, but I was consumed from the first time I finally gave in to watch. Up until a few weeka ago I had never even given Twilight a second thought,I had vaguely heard of it, but had no interest in seeing a teen vampire movie...boy was I wrong! So after watching Twilight on pay-per-view I went to the library the next day and checked out the book which is sooo much better than the movie! Less than a week later I had the series read, and it has literally been like a drug, I want more! My husband is enjoying picking on me because hes never seen me like this,but I have no explantion except for its a wonderful, complex, and intense love story. I will be sure to follow your blog!

**Lynne Kochanski
Hi, I am a 56 yr old mom of 3 grown sons and 6 grandchildern. I love the Twilight series. I don't think that she wrote these books for only teenagers. They are so well written, that I couldn't put them down. I have read each book atleast 8 times now. Talk about hooked. LOL I lost the love of my life 3 1/2 years ago. I can get lost in these books and forget for awhile. Is this too corny?

These comments are from another group I informed of my blog, same site just the australian Twi-fans group. Click here to see full listing.

**Cullen Fan
Thank God!!!!!!!!!!I thought I was on of the only thirty something obsessed with twilght.
I have met only one other person.
Your blog is awesome.
My husband and daughter get upset with me when I go into the "Twilight" zone as he calls it.
We have already made plans to find a baby sitter when New Moon comes out.Can't wait for that.
The trailers aren't enough anymore.

Hi Twihardkye, I also read your blog, good read. I also wish I had the talent to do up a blog page that well.

There are a lot of us older fans out there I'm over 40, lets leave it there for the time being until I get to know you all a little better. I also just bought a ticket to the midnight showing of New Moon so excited, can't wait. I've been a huge fan since my husband bought me Twilight back in January this year but although he hated my obsession early on he's gotten used to it 9months down the track and I've even made him read all the books, I like to share.

Another great site is to keep you all up to date with what's happening.

Great to have an Aussie site.

Thankyou for taking the time to be so kind and very inspiring.

Until I bite again
Twihard Kye

PS: Copyright on Image is unknown, taken from fanart. For credit on this awesome work. Please drop me a line. Happily provide the talented artist with credit and a link to their awesome works.


We are excited to finally announce ALL the songs that will be on the New Moon Soundtrack!! All of the music is original, and exclusive to the soundtrack.

Im somewhat saddened, that despite Bella's Lullaby featuring in many of the books chapters and my feeling of it being a VITAL part of what makes Twilight spectacular, thats its not on it. Aswell as nothing from the charmin R.Patz who I loved the scenes his songs featured. Let Me Sign is stunning and Never Think. He writes well and His voice is Godly. At least one track from him would've been awesome. What do you all think?

Im going to the Midnight Screening......Im so excitedddddddd.....

PN: This above image is not my work and I have been unable to find the owner to give credit, I got it from a fanart site but usually grab them through Image search not the site itself. If this is your work drop me a line and I will gladly give full credit...Im in love with it, its absolutley mouthwatering.

In less than 15hours I will be in receipt of Two Gala premiere tickets to New Moon in Sydney..(hopefully theres still some seats)but weve picked a suburban cinema so I think we will be ok...Hubby wont lemme use a credit card as he well destroyed it on my last addiction got out of hand...Playboy merchandise.....The bonus this time though is he is partially addicted too and is dying to finish reading Harry Potter(also thanks to me). Though Im in NO RUSH to share my books, in the time he reads one, Id have read the lot and he will set me back at re-commencing but I love he is in the "Zone" along side me...
Also some info to add I find a site called TwilightMOMS. Obviously american seen as they way they spell MOM, but loaded with Australian Twilight Merchandise Vendors, so that was interesting. Im bursting for a Cullen Crest chain and the Cuff Edward wears at the moment and I have found a store a Gift store named TOPHAT...Just a tad out of my budget these days... I mean $80 to see a movie is MASSIVE......Thats 4 copies of the DVD but I cant resist it....
Anyways, Im really keen on meeting some of these fab fans who make Jewellery and seeing some of their works and a many other Twilight Fan Art. I have seen some amazing Drawings. has some amazing Twilight Images from hand drawn to digital edits to brushes and fonts... Check it out My apple is super loaded and I want to share with you all but I dont know who's is who's to give correct credits....When I began this OBSESSION I wasnt suspecting to be doing a blog!
I am so seriously loving it though and the response from other woman like myself on has been nothing short of Inspiring. For that I am greatful and has given me drive to make this the 'Best Blog for Woman Like us and Men to, Im dying to meet a father with simular obsession I doubt he'd openly admit it though. *Giggles Hysterically*
Well My Twi-Mum's & Friends Im off to finish Twilight and commence New Moon.....

Till I Bite Again
TwiHard Kye

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is it true and what do we think and feel about it.

Greetings my Fellow Twihards,
As per my usual routine and a somewhat becoming a expensive one these days, however still a indulgence. When ever a new magazine hits the stands that feat anything relating to our addiction I snap it up bursting to get home with a fag and a coffee and read... Today was NO EXCEPTION, though they seem to be starring in a hell of alot more mags seeming to attack my small budget & empty my wallet much faster than Id like but like I said Its my Indulgance.
Todays OK Headlines Read:
Rob & Kristen's Wedding Plans
The proposal, the ring, the public date at the VMA's(Video Music Awards) The stars are Ready to make it official.
I was sssssuper excited. This couple are amazingly hot and intensly so passionate about, for and with that just when you catch them looking into each others eyes both on and off the set you get electrically shocked, well I do.
The article like so many this week however is focussing on the negative impact and the implications that will become if they COME OUT. How the fans will boycott him, the engadgement will ruin is blooming career and call end to the Franchise.
All because we the fans will no longer feel we have a chance at getting Edward or Bella.
This seems I cant even find the word. This is what WE ALL BLOODY WANT....Within the books at least, we all are busting to see them get married on-screen so imagine how beautiful would it be to see it off screen. The way i see it is that its like a real life Twilight without the vampires but the chemistrty, the intensity... Its been obvious from day one that these 2 were made for each other....
Im really interested in hearing everyones POV(Point of view) on this topic. Are we really that insecure, overly obsessed and living in the twilight that we think Edwards going to appear layin on our bed callin our name telling us to stay still, dont move????????

Til I Bite Again-Twihard Kye

Its ganna be a quickie tonight Im so dyin to curl up n read......

Howdy to all the mums who are now following me on this exciting trail of intense emotions and feelings that we thought were only allowed for our teenage daughters... Let me assure you I can gush and go all gooey over Edward just as good as the 15yr old next door... hehehe not sure I should be admitting that but hey this is what this blog is all about. Its for us to all get together go all gagaga eyed and speak openly about it, afterall no one likes to keep a crush a secret but its not like we can sit in a mothers group and openly admit we are star struck. Well depends on the mums group, after the replies Ive received I think there are alot of Twilight closests out there. So lets open the doors, show Stephanie Meyer that her adult fans are as just as endearing as her tween queens and lets see if we can drum this blog up to perhaps even get her to notice and write again... Ok so I may be over fantasizing here but we all have a dream and well some are far fetched but I like to keep my standards pretty high..... Question: How many of you have read the partial draft to Midnight Sun. If not Stephanie has it on her site for you to obtain freely and legally.
Its available in PDF format she has also posted what had happened and its quiet sad that due to some twat being a total jerk off we will never see past 12chapters from Edwards POV. Oh and he has a very intense mind.....So sexy.......If he could read my mind his pale skin would be blood red cause mine is......

Well Until I bite Again
PN: Picture obtained through quotes, I accept no credit for it and if the creator wishes for credit please contact me. I have copyright only to the text.........: )